Parker Spaulding

Parker Spaulding

Parker Spaulding is the Trust Administrator for Trust and Wealth Partners. Spaulding is a native of Star Valley and attended the University of Wyoming. He had a career in banking at Wells Fargo prior to joining the team at Bank of Jackson Hole in 2021. As the Trust Administrator he handles client on-boarding, on-going operations, […]

Ryan Wright

Long-time Wyoming resident Ryan Wright just can’t get enough of his hometown. “Living and working in Jackson Hole is wonderful,” Ryan says. “I know how fortunate I am to have this as my heritage and my future.” Ryan is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, where he earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree in […]

Tsvetelina Bush

When Bulgaria native Tsvetelina Bush traveled to the US as part of an exchange program in 2016, she never imagined she would fall in love. First with the Tetons that surrounded her in her summer job at Jackson Lake Lodge, and then with a fellow employee, Floridian Steven Bush. By the summer of 2017 they […]

Katherine A. Dakota

When Katherine Dakota started considering her next move, she hadn’t been thinking about leaving Texas. She had established roots and friendships in College Station, Texas, working in Trust Administration for a firm that she liked, with potential to grow. But her daughter had graduated from Texas A&M, married and moved away, and suddenly it seemed […]

Doug Langen, CFP®

Doug Langen (Certified Financial Planner) joins the Trust & Wealth Partners as Director of Trust and Chief Investment Officer as the fulfillment of his dream to help clients develop lifelong wealth strategies while living in a community of passionate citizens and inspirational natural beauty. “I feel I’ve found my perfect fit here in Jackson Hole,” […]