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On Monday, December 5, 2022, the systems integration was completed and Bank of Jackson Hole officially became a part of the NBH family. We are committed to a smooth transition. If you’re an existing client of  Bank of Jackson Hole, access the Welcome Guide, Online & Mobile Banking Guide, and FAQs below for all the information you need.

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Why is Bank of Jackson Hole now a division of NBH Bank?

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On October 1, 2022, NBH Bank completed an asset purchase agreement to acquire the majority of Bank of Jackson Hole’s assets. As a result, the current branch locations of Bank of Jackson Hole in Wyoming will now operate as a division of NBH Bank. Bank of Jackson Hole’s current trust business will continue to be offered through Bank of Jackson Hole Trust. Together, Bank of Jackson Hole as a division of NBH Bank and Bank of Jackson Hole Trust can provide greater growth opportunities for our clients, community and associates. The two banks share the same values, beliefs, and culture which make for a strong relationship moving forward.

When will Bank of Jackson Hole become part of the NBH family of banks?

On October 1, 2022, the current branch locations and assets of Bank of Jackson Hole became a division of NBH Bank.

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Over the weekend of December 3-4, 2022, the bank will conduct a system integration which will allow you to take advantage of tools like online account opening along with debit card rewards. You will begin using the new system, still accessed at BankofJacksonHole.com, on Monday, December 5, 2022.

How will the integration impact my bank accounts? 

For now, you do not need to take any action.

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You can continue using your current checks, debit and credit cards. In early November, you will receive a Welcome Package via US Mail with information about what this integration means to you and how your accounts will transition on December 5, 2022. We will also communicate using email and will set up a digital platform to help ensure you are receiving timely information leading up to the integration.

How will the integration impact my Trust and Wealth Partners accounts? 

There is no change to the system(s) for your trust or wealth management account, so there is nothing you need to do.

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Trust and wealth management services will be provided by Bank of Jackson Hole Trust, a separate affiliate bank within the NBH family.

Will there be changes to the Bank of Jackson Hole team?

You will continue to see the same familiar faces you’re used to seeing.

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Will there be any changes to the branches?

All current Bank of Jackson Hole branches will remain open.

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The Bank of Jackson Hole Trust is located at

990 W. Broadway in Jackson, with a separate entrance on the east side of the building.

How does this impact my FDIC Insurance at Bank of Jackson Hole, a Division of NBH Banking?

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NBH Bank operates under multiple trade names and states, including Hillcrest Bank in Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, and Texas; Community Banks of Colorado in Colorado; and Bank Midwest in Kansas and Missouri. Divisions of NBH Bank are not separately FDIC-Insured banks. The FDIC coverage extended to deposit clients of all of the divisions of NBH Bank is that of one insured bank. Please contact your Personal Banker to assess your FDIC coverage and any needed actions to ensure that all of your deposits are within limits. Trust assets maintained with the Bank of Jackson Hole Trust are not FDIC insured.

Will the BOJH routing number change upon integration?


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The routing number will remain the same post systems integration on December 5, 2022.

Will Bank of Jackson Hole Remain Involved in the local communities? 

Yes, Bank of Jackson Hole, a division of NBH Bank and the Bank of Jackson Hole Trust will absolutely remain committed to the local communities it serves.

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We exist to make a difference in the communities we serve by stewarding financial opportunities for our clients.

Where can I get more information about the integration?

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For more information on the integration and answers to additional questions, please visit BOJH.com/NBH or contact your Bank of Jackson Hole banking associate.


Have Questions? Visit BOJH.com/NBH or contact your Bank of Jackson Hole banking associate.

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