We will never ask for your online banking password, debit card pin #, or to send money using Zelle® to anyone, including yourself. If you receive a request like this, it is likely a scammer trying to trick you. If you have provided the information, please contact us immediately.

Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your business.

At Bank of Jackson Hole we believe that securing your business’ data is critical. We offer fraud solutions that are designed to review and report transaction activity so that any issues can be evaluated and resolved in a timely manner.

Fraud solutions


Positive Pay

A cost effective way to manage your payables and protect your account from unauthorized transactions or altered checks. Spend less time and money on reconciling accounts, and gain a streamlined approach to check storage and retrieval.

Reverse Positive Pay

Reverse Positive Pay provides early detection of fraudulent, altered or counterfeit checks by creating and posting a daily report of presented items for you to confirm.


Treasury management

ACH Positive

Safeguard against fraudulent activity by filtering or blocking unauthorized electronic transactions. Any item that meets the criteria you establish will automatically post or be rejected based on the filters or blocks that you set up. We help your business identify and report fraudulent and unauthorized payments.



Reconcile your accounts daily with our account reconciliation tool to detect and resolve any discrepancies or errors. Full reconciliation provides you with a comprehensive listing of all outstanding and paid debits during a statement cycle, saving you time and money and providing greater audit controls.


To learn more, please contact one of Treasury Management specialists:

Kathy Mitchley

Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury Management


Kathy Mitchley

Kathy Mitchley

Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury Management

Kathy Mitchley is a Treasury Management Consultant for Hillcrest Bank.

Kathy has been in the banking industry for over 25 years. Prior to joining Hillcrest Bank, Kathy has extensive history in Corporate Foreign Exchange trading in South Africa.

Kathy received her CTP designation in 2003 and has a passion for providing treasury management solutions for her business clients.

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